Potton is an ancient market town dating back to the tenth century. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book and at the time only had about 30 inhabitants, compared to the 5,000 people living here today.

The Coach House was originally called The Rose and Crown but it was destroyed in the Great Fire (see below) and rebuilt in 1785.

You can read more about the town’s history and some of its most interesting buildings at www.pottonhistorysociety.com


Markets have always been central to the life of the town and were held in the churchyard, before moving to the Market Square in the early thirteenth century. Potton hosted a large horse fair up until the 1930s, which attracted international interest.

.The Great Fire

In 1783 a fire ripped through Potton destroying half the Market Square and some surrounding streets. The fire started in a clover stack and was said to have burnt for a whole day. A fund was set up to rebuild the houses of those who had lost the most.